This property has 2 bathrooms. 1 bathroom is on the ground floor and the 2nd bathroom is on the 1st floor.

Bathroom 1: The Ground Floor Bathroom has a large sink with mirror and storage, toilet and a large bath that can accommodate 2 people. The bath has a shower attachment. A bath is perfect for relaxing with your partner in the evening and is also useful if you have children. The bathroom has floor to ceiling tiling and tiled floor. FAMILIES : A baby bath is available if required.



















Bathroom 1 – Large Sink with Mirror

Bathroom 1 – Large Bath for 2 Persons



















Bathroom 1 – Large Bath, Sink and Toilet



















Bathroom 1 – Sink, Toilet, Large Bath


Bathroom 2: The First Floor Bathroom ( Shower Room) has a large sink with mirror and storage, toilet, tall standing cupboard for storage of clothes and towels and a large luxury shower with multiple shower heads and a radio built in to allow you to listen to music while you shower. The bathroom has been tiled on the floor and walls.

Bathroom Shower, Toilet, Sink