The house is located in the centre of the beautiful historic village of Kastel Luksic located in between Trogir and Split. The property is a traditional stone house that has existed since the village was formed in the 15th Century. Kastel Luksic is very well situated for visiting Split, Trogir, Sibenik, Omis, Zadar and Krka Park. You can also visit some of the Croatian islands such as Brac for a day trip. The house is only 30 metres from the sea with the closest beach only being a 1 minute walk from the house. The shops and restauraunts in the local area are open all year round unlike some tourist regions like Ciovo where businesses close down outside summer.

There are quiet family beaches with natural shade close by. The location is peaceful with all the shops you require for your essentials accessible by foot. The beaches of the Kastela region combine into a 6km long string of bays and bathing areas which are shaded by pine trees. The beaches have showers, a changing facility and even a slide and swings for children close to the sea.

The local area is OPEN all year round unlike the Croatian Islands where everything closes down after summer. Shops, Supermarkets, Cafes, Bars and Restaurants are open all year round so you can enjoy this location any time of the year. The local area has many businesses within walking distance such as butchers, bakers, shoe repair, convenience stores, fishing shop, coffee shops, bars so a car is not required if you don’t mind staying locally. There is also a good bus service that runs to Split and Trogir nearby.

As well as being close to the beach the house is also close to historic buildings including a Castle and Church. The house is also surrounded by cafes with 3 or 4 coffee bars serving alcohol some of which provide FREE WIFI INTERNET access, useful for any vacation. You also have 2 small supermarkets nearby within 5 minutes walk to stock up on food and drink along with other smaller convenience stores. For fresh pizza or Cevapcici there is a takeaway food store within 2 minutes of the house. There are also many restaurants within walking distance. If you are looking to shop there is a large shopping centre that can be visited by car in 10 minutes. There are also other shopping centres located in Split town which is 20 minutes drive by car.

Distance to Split Airport by Car  – 10 minutes         

Distance to Split Town by Car     – 15 minutes

Distance to Trogir by Car      –  15 minutes

Distance to Krka National Park by Car  – 45mins – 1 hour

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Castle Vitturi

The house is part of history always being part of the original settlement formed behind the beautiful Castle Vitturi. This fantastic castle is less then 1 minutes walk from the property. This is one of the most beautiful castles found along this coastline of Croatia. The 15th century Castle Vitturi (1487), is built in the style of an Renaissance palace, although it has defending towers on the sides.The Vitturi castle is famous not only for its beauty but also for a legend concerning one of its inhabitants – Dobrila Vitturi.

The legend of Miljenko and Dobrila
The legend of Miljenko and Dobrila is a tragic story about two lovers from Kaštel Lukšić, who are often described as the Croatian Romeo and Juliet. The legend was used as a basis for a number of novels, operas and plays. The story dates from the second half of the 17th century, when two noble families lived in Kaštel Lukšić – the Vitturi family with their daughter Dobrila and the Rušinić family with their son Miljenko.

According to the legend, Miljenko and Dobrila fell in love, but they had to keep their relationship secret because of a long-lasting feud between their families. When their parents found out about their relationship, they decided to separate them. Miljenko was sent off to Venice, while Dobrila’s father arranged for her to marry a much older nobleman from Trogir. However, Miljenko found out about his plans and came back from Venice just in time to stop the wedding. As a result, he was banished from Kaštel Lukšić and Dobrila was sent to a convent. However, she escaped with the intention of being reunited with Miljenko and marrying him secretly. When Dobrila’s father found out that she had escaped from the convent, he decided to bring her home at any cost. He sent a messenger to find the two lovers and to tell them that he would no longer oppose their marriage and that they could come home. The lovers accepted his proposal, returned to Kaštel Lukšić and got married. But when the wedding celebration was over, Dobrila’s father, consumed with rage, killed Miljenko. Several months later Dobrila died of sadness. Her only wish was to be buried next to Miljenko. Their grave can be found in the church of St. John in Kaštel Lukšić, and it is famous for the inscription ‘Rest in peace, lovers’.

Beaches and Coastline

This stretch of the coast comprises seven separate, but connected villages/towns. Each has a population of 4,000-6,000, and the whole area totals about 43,000 residents. The strip is popular with tourism and in the summer many locals come here for the serenity and peaceful atmosphere. You are able to go for long walks, runs or cycle rides right along the coast as the coastal road follows the sea providing fantastic views across the ocean. The closest beach is around 2 minutes walk from the property. There is a 2nd beach around 5 minutes walk from the property with large pine trees providing natural shade. There are also many other beaches in the area that you can walk to or visit by car.

Local Area

The village has a small harbour within a minutes walk of the property. Enjoy leisurely walks along the coastal road through the 7 pearl villages that make up Kastela

Krka National Park

Krka National Park is a fantastic place to visit. A short journey by car and perfect for a day trip. Enjoy swimming under waterfalls and some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

Wifi Cafe

There is a Wi-fi cafe located a couple of minutes walk from the house. They serve fresh coffee along with alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages and offer free Wi-fi while you are sitting in the cafe. Very handy for keeping up to date with your emails or planning trips. The panoramic view of the ocean is fantastic as you will see from the photos below.


15th Century Castle within 2 minutes walk of the property





















Beautiful 15th Century Castle


Beautiful 15th Century Castle


Local village harbour next to 15th Century Castle



Beach within 2 minutes of property

Beach within 2 minutes of property


Beach within 2 minutes walk

Beach within 2 minutes walk

Beach with natural shade from pine trees 5 mins walk from house


Natural shade from pine trees

Kids Swings on beach 5 minutes walk from property


Beach 5 mins walk from the house


Walkway into the sea on beach 5 mins from the house.
Perfect for fishing or for diving, jumping into the sea



Wifi Coffee Bar On The Sea

Wifi Bar On The Sea


Coffee Bar On The Sea

Wifi Bar On The Sea


Small Harbor

Small Village Harbor






















Enjoy leisurely walks along the coastal road through the 7 pearl villages that make up Kastela






















Krka National Park Waterfalls

Krka National Park Waterfalls


Krka National Park

Krka National Park



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