Kaštela, Split – The Pearl Villages of the Adriatic

Why stay in an Apartment in Croatia when you can rent an entire stone house right by the sea. Croatian Stone House is located in one of the beautiful villages by the name of Kaštela located in between Split and Trogir.

Kaštela is made of 7 beautiful villages. Often many tourists won’t visit this area. They will simply catch a tourist bus that takes them directly past this area into Split old town. Kaštela can’t be seen from the main road to Split as the villages are spread along the coastline directly next to the sea. These villages have existed since the 15th century so there is a lot of history. They have largely remained the same over the last few years and stretch along 20km of coastline between Split and Trogir. There are no high rise hotels that ruin the scenery as you find in some parts of the Mediterranean. Kaštela is only 10 minutes drive from Split Airport. This is convenient in terms of travel to and from the airport compared to some islands that can mean several hours of your holiday are lost travelling. You can watch a short video of the village here 

I’ve travelled all over Croatia and I can tell you that if you really want to experience the real Croatia then take a trip to Kaštela. Although there is tourism in the area it isn’t overpopulated with tourists like Split and Hvar. There are many local people in this area and it allows you to really get a feel for Croatia. The locals prefer to visit these beaches rather than driving to Split and there is always space for your towel. Parking also isn’t a problem with many side roads with free parking. There is also a community feel with several small supermarkets, a butchers, bakery, early morning market stalls selling fish and local produce. There are several excellent places to dine either eat in or take out. You will also hear the distinct ringing of the church bells from the village church. Religion is still a big part of Croatians lives.

The pace of life slows down here and its perfect for a relaxing beach holiday. However if you like to keep active and enjoy walking, running or cycling then this is also a great location. You can walk along the coastal road through the neighbouring villages for miles. The views are breathtaking with panoramic views across the ocean to Split. If you are visiting Split for your vacation then why not take some time out for a trip to Kaštela.

I’d like to cover some recommended cafe’s in the area, places to dine and suggested walks in the area.

Recommended Cafe/Bar’s in Kaštela

I can highly recommend that you visit these two cafe bars.

B Cool – Kaštel Lukšić – Address: Obala kralja Tomislava 7, 21215, Kaštel Lukšić, Croatia . You can find a link to their location here

This bar is situated close to Kaštel Lukšić Harbour and around 2 minutes walk from Croatian Stone House (so literally on the doorstep). There are chairs and tables outside with fantastic views over the ocean to Split. Excellent food, coffee, soft drinks and alcohol.

Mala Mora Restaurant & Cocktail Bar– Kaštel Lukšić – Address: Mala Mora 5, 21215, Kaštel Lukšić, Croatia . You can find them here.

This bar is situated directly by the ocean with chairs and tables outside. The panoramic views across the ocean to Split are breathtaking. Excellent food, coffee, soft drinks and alcohol

Recommended Restaurants in Kaštela

I can highly recommend you visit the following restaurants in Kaštela. I have personally dined here and the food is delicious.

Konoba Intrada – Address: Obala Kralja Tomislava b.b. , Kaštel Novi, 21216, Croatia. You can find them here.

This restaurant has been popular for years and I can see why. They make delicious fresh pizza using stone pizza ovens. You can purchase family size pizzas that will feed many people. They also sell sea food and locals will drive from Split town because of its reputation. My personal favourite is their fillet steak dish (also known as beef steak). The menu’s have all been translated to English.

Stacija Restaurant – Address:  Setaliste Miljenka I Dobrile, 34, Kaštel LukšićKaštela 21215. You can find more details here.

 Suggested Walks in Kaštela

There are some breathtaking walks you can take along the coastal road and footpaths. I’d love to give you some ideas if you ever visit the area. All walks start at the Castle in the Centre of Kaštela Lukšić.

villa split croatia Kaštela Lukšić Harbour[/caption]


Walk from Kaštel Lukšić to Kaštela Novi – Takes approximately 20-30 minutes in one direction.

Standing outside the castle in the centre of the village make sure the church is on your right hand side. Now keep walking following the road along the sea. After 10 to 15 minutes walk you will reach the next village Kaštel Stari. There is a small park here and you will find a nice ice cream shop on the right hand side. The ice cream in Croatia is delicious and similar to Italian ice cream. Continue walking and you will pass many bars and restaurants by the sea with tables outside. You will then reach Kaštel Novi. Continue walking passing Ribola and Split Banka on your right hand side.
Now you have reached Kaštel Novi and you have an opportunity to try one of my recommended restaurants and take a break for a meal at Konoba Intrada. The restaurant sells stone baked pizza as well as grilled fish and meat. The pizza in Croatia is delicious and I personally believe that the pizza here tastes as good if not better than Italy.

If you prefer a longer walk you can continue to walk through the next village Kaštel Stafilic passing several beaches on the way. You will eventually reach Resnik. This is another beautiful location and the beaches here are popular with tourists. If you would like to visit Resnik you can also drive there by car and park at the Resnik Hotel all day for a small number of euros.

Walk To Kaštel Luksic to Kaštela Marina – Takes approximately 30-40 minutes in one direction.

This walk takes you through two neighbouring villages Kaštel Kambelovac and Kaštel Gomilica after which you will reach Kaštel Marina. This is a large Marina that caters for the Split area. You are able to hire yachts from the marina with or without a skipper.

Standing outside the castle in Kaštel Lukšić facing the church make sure you turn right following the sea road. You will pass Bugsy Bar on your left hand side. On the left hand side after a few minutes you will see Hotel Villa Zarko. Carry on walking following the road and you will pass several residential houses that face on the sea. At the end of this road there is a beautiful building on the sea that is a Musical School for Croatian Children. To the left of this there is also a pizzeria restaurant that serves very good pizza. When you continue to walk from here you will pass several beaches in the area. You have an opportunity to stop for a swim. You will also pass the harbour in each of the Kaštela Villages. Each town has its own harbour as fishing is an important part of village life. You will see some of the village of Kaštel Gomilica that was used for filming for the Game of Thrones series. You will find Kaštilac Fort here.

Kaštilac Fort, Kaštel Gomilica Kaštilac Fort, Kaštel Gomilica – Video can be found here


If you continue following the coastline you will eventually reach Marina Kaštela. You will find a small supermarket and cafe inside the Marina where you can buy a well deserved drink or ice cream.

So next time you visit Split in Croatia why not consider staying in Kaštela or taking a day trip. You won’t be disappointed.